How to Spot the Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

How to Spot the Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin deficiencies can affect every aspect of your life and decrease your overall well-being. However, many people don’t realize they aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients they need from their food alone. The first step to fixing this problem is recognizing the signs of vitamin deficiency and speaking to a healthcare professional. 

At Ketaesthetic in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, our experienced team of vitamin therapy specialists can help you balance your body’s vitamin levels with an IV drip for better health. If you’re concerned you may have a vitamin deficiency, keep an eye out for the following signs. 

Signs of vitamin deficiency

According to a 2017 study, around 31% of the US population was at risk of at least one vitamin deficiency, with many adults not getting the recommended amount of vitamins A, C, D, and E. Not getting enough vitamins and minerals can make it difficult for your body to function, leading to symptoms such as: 

Persistent fatigue

Vitamin B12 helps your body produce red blood cells to carry oxygen through your body. If you’re deficient in vitamin B12, you may feel exhausted and fatigued.

If you don’t eat much red meat, leafy greens, or dairy products, B12 supplementation could help. Magnesium and calcium deficiency can also cause a lack of restful sleep, adding to fatigue.

Dry skin and weak hair and nails

Lack of vitamin B7 (biotin) can also cause fatigue, as well as cause dry hair that breaks easily and always looks dull. Your skin may be dry and flaky, or even itchy. In addition, you may notice your nails are brittle, break easily, and never grow very long.

Vitamin B7 is found in many foods, including eggs, fish, meat, seeds, and nuts, but IV supplementation may help with treating hair, skin, and nail issues. 

Muscle weakness and poor bone health

Vitamin D is critical to bone and muscle strength. Lack of this vitamin can cause fatigue, muscle weakness, and even osteoporosis. Although your body can produce vitamin D from sunlight, you can also get it from foods naturally high in vitamin D (tuna and salmon) or vitamin D-fortified foods (milk, orange juice, and many kinds of breakfast cereal).

If you don’t get enough sun exposure to generate Vitamin D or are unable to get enough in your diet, IV therapy can help you avoid fatigue and bone problems. 

Bleeding gums and a poor immune system

Do your gums always bleed when you floss and brush? Do you get a cold if someone sneezes in your direction? A lack of immune-boosting vitamin C could be to blame. You can get vitamin C from citrus fruits, but IV therapy can help if your diet isn’t enough. 

IV vitamin therapy

Our vitamin therapy specialists deliver gentle IV vitamin therapy for rapid supplementation. We tailor the IV drip to your body’s specific needs and include amino acids as well as vitamins to help you reach optimal health. 

To schedule a consultation, call our vitamin therapy specialists at 973-604-3848 or request an appointment online

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